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Presentation: Making Wise College Choices

college tshirtOctober 13, 2015
7:00 pm
CCHS Auditorium

CCHS PA Evening Presentation on “Making Wise College Choices”

Dr. Rachel Rubin, world-renowned college admissions expert and Founder of Spark Admissions, will offer her advice on how you and your children can make well-informed decisions around the college admissions process. Learn what truly happens ‘behind the desk’ at an admissions office. Better understand the careful balance between finding the right fit for a student academically and culturally, as well as the right fit for a family financially. Various option of funding a college education will also be discussed.

Dr. Rubin’s presentation will include three parts:

  1. An overview of what colleges are looking for and how admissions offices review applications
  2. A review of the different types of colleges and how to think about where you and your child would like them to go.
  3. A discussion about the FAFSA (financial aid application), as well as the differences among need-based financial aid, institutional merit aid, and private merit aid.

Please join the CCHS PA for what will be an informative evening on an important topic!

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