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PA Housekeeping Items

PA Housekeeping Items

Membership Dues: Next year, the CCHS PA will move to a new model where there are no membership dues required for participation. All families with students currently enrolled at CCHS will be considered members of the PA.

Student Directory: Since there are no membership dues to join the PA, our Student Directory sales are critical in raising the funds we need to support programming. Stay tuned for more information on our new and improved directory and how you can order one in the fall!

PA Closet: The PA has some storage space in a closet behind the cafeteria. This space was recently cleaned and organized to house supplies, fabric tablecloths, and decorations for various PA events (thanks Sue Bumpus!!!). Please check this closet before purchasing supplies, especially things like utensils and paper tablecloths. We ask that you notify the PA of what you borrow, keep the space neat and organized as you find it, and wash and return all tablecloths to their bins as quickly as possible after your event. Email us at for more information!


Thanks to Our Volunteers: We are so grateful to all of the parent volunteers who worked tirelessly all the way to the end of the school year including senior week activities, graduation, All Night Live and the teacher appreciation luncheon. We couldn’t do it without you! Have a wonderful summer!

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