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Last Chance to Sign up – Parent Education Groups Offered through CPT – Starting in November

Professionally facilitated “small group” sessions are being offered through the Center for Parents and Teachers as a follow-up to the talk given by Chris Herren on Oct 16.  Parents/grandparents/caregivers are invited to learn more about best ways to communicate effectively with teens in your life – whether those teens are your own children/grandchildren, friends of your child, neighbors or simply community members you have an interest in or concern about.

Come to a professionally facilitated small group workshop series to learn how to:  Enhance your skills in two-way communication with adolescents;  Learn more about specific “red flags” to look for regarding possible substance use/abuse; Learn effective ways to respond to concerning behaviors; Build skills in setting healthy boundaries for adolescents to keep them safe while they gain more independence.

Interested?  Please send an email to and type “Small Group Follow up Session” in the subject line of email.   Or call 978-202-1143.  

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