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“Edibles, Vaping & Underage Drinking” Presentation Available For Viewing

“Edibles, Vaping & Underage Drinking” Presentation Available for Viewing

On February 28th the CCHS Parent Association was proud to present Edibles, Vaping & Under-aged Drinking; Understanding the Effects of Alcohol, Marijuana and Tobacco on the Teenaged Brain. Dr. A. Eden Evins provided the most current information and research regarding the use of various substances during high school years, including the neurological effects on the brain and risks of addiction and will then lead a discussion on how the school community and parents can best address these difficult issues with their teenaged children.

A video of the presentation is now available for viewing.

The program has been playing on CCTV and is next scheduled to run on at 6pm on May 25th, at 6pm on May 29th, and again at 3pm on May 31st.

The program is also available on the CCTV Youtube channel. View it here: or below.

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