Click on the + icons below to find answers to some questions commonly asked by new (or not so new) CCHS families. If you have further questions that you think may be useful to include in this list, please contact the CCHS Vice Presidents at

A printable PDF of version of this file can be found HERE

1) What time does the late bus leave and how to find out the drop- off schedule? show

2) My child needs to arrive late, or leave early or during the day for an appointment. What is the dismissal process? show

3) What are academic support options? show

4) Do we need to stay home over vacation if student is playing a sport? show

5) How do I register my child for a sport? show

6) I want to pick my child up from his/her game? show

7) What are the differences between Advisory and Guidance? show

8) Who are Class reps and what do they do? show

9) Who do I contact for emergencies, non-illness absences, and various questions? show

10) How do I find out about clubs? show

11) What are the cafeteria hours? How do I pay? show