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Class of 2018 Officers and Advisors Elected

Class of 2018 elected the their officers (President: Michael Levinger, Vice-President: Ruchi Naidu, Treasurer: Chao Cheng, Secretary: Daisy Kielty) and we have faculty advisors (Kelli Kirshtein, Josh Reed). The students in collaboration with the faculty are excited about doing a few more…

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Thank You for Freshmen Activities

The Class of 2018 had a wealth of activities the first weeks of school and parents worked incredibly hard making Orientation events and the Freshmen Social huge successes. Thank you to the parents who stepped up with food donations, and…

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Class of 2018 Representatives

The CCHS Parent Association Class of 2018 Representatives are: Amy Hoey Cynthia Rainey - Erica Cheng - Kim Pongratz - Larissa Snorek-Yates - Rosa Zhang - Shelia Van Inwegan - Suzan Tobler -…

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